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  • Actress | Daniela Lugo

    BIOGRAPHY began studying acting, film, singing, and dancing. It was in 2016 when she discovered her desire to become a filmmaker while working on the Oscar-winning film “Roma,” directed by the incredible Alfonso Cuarón. She moved to New York at the age of 18 to pursue her career in acting and film, where she studied at prestigious institutions such as The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Class of 2022), Stella Adler (Class of 2019), Broadway Dance Center (ISVP), and Steps on Broadway. Daniela has performed at the incredible Carnegie Hall in New York City, as well as the amazing Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Active in the production of short films in her home country and in the United States, she currently resides in Los Angeles, California. There, she has shared the screen with Hollywood stars such as Bella Thorne and JLo, among others, and has played various roles in theater, television, and the film industry, including her off-Broadway debut in 2023 in the play “Octopus in its Own Ink” All of this in a relatively short period of time. is a bilingual Latina actress and filmmaker born and raised in Mexico City, founder of Lugo Films. From a very young age, in 2013, she Daniela Lugo is dedicated to bringing the richness of Latino talent to the forefront of the big screen. As a filmmaker and actress driven by a profound passion for the art, I warmly invite you to join me on a journey through the distinctive lens of my experiences, dreams, and the vibrant tapestry of my cultural heritage. Together, let's revel in the celebration of diversity and creativity that encapsulates the Latin spirit. I extend my invitation for you to join me in presenting the beauty and strength inherent in the stories we tell, as we make our mark on the global cinematic landscape. Together, we can contribute to a more inclusive and enriched film industry. ​ WWW.LUGOFILMS.COM NEWS 2024 MARCH The March of the Penguins 2024 Inspirational women in hollywood: daniela lugo, medium magazine read the whole article Daniela Lugo premieres 'the march of the penguins', el vigia (MIRADAS) read the whole article more media/press EL SOL DE MEXICO ARTENZZA MAGAZINE EL VIGIA Medium Magazine MIRADAS BuzzFeed CANVAS REBEL LA JORNADA LA LIFE TIMES HUELVA BUENAS NOTICIAS SHOUTOUT LA - JULY ABOUT INSIDER Medium Magazine VOYAGE LA LA I DE SINALOA BuzzFeed Medium Magazine Bold Journey EL SOL DE CUERNAVACA MULTIMEDIA CHICAGO LIVE DROIDE TV VOYAGE LA The GoaSpotlight EL DEBATE SHOUTOUT LA - MARCH PUNTO Y COMA INTERVIEW ES NOTICIA! AWARDS AND NOMINATIONS REELS Reel, 2023 Reel Mexico, 2023 Theatre Reel English Character Demo Reel Musical Theatre Reel RESUME download resume here GALLERY HEADSHOTS SPRING 2024 RED CARPETS Netflix FYSEE, 2023 Paramount FYSEE, 2023 Netflix FYSEE, 2022 Hola Mexico Film Festival, 2022 LOOT Premiere, 2022 Netflix FYSEE, 2023 Disney FYC, 2023 The Big Conn Premiere, 2022 Black Bird Premiere, 2022 Ru Paul Drag Race FYSEE, 2022 Netflix FYSEE, 2022 Indie Night Film Festival, 2023 Sweetest Vacation Premiere, 2022 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, 2023 HBO MAX FYC, 2023 Spotlight Event, 2023 Micheaux Film Festival, 2023 Venice Beach Festival, 2022 TV and FILM REEL 2023 SWEETEST VACATION TRAILER INDUSTRIOUS COMMERCAIL CLOUDS IN THE SUN CADET THEATRE TWELFTH NIGHT MEN ON BOATS MUSICAL THEATRE PIPPIN BURLESQUE R&H CINDERELLA MARY POPPINS MODELING BOOK VOICE OVER VOICE OVER CHARACTER REEL VOICE OVER COMMERCIAL REEL VOICE OVER AUDIOBOOK REEL SINGING SITZPROBE - NO TIME AT ALL (SPANISH VERSION) LET THE MUSIC FILL YOUR SOUL at the CARNEGIE HALL in NYC SINGING PART - CHARACTER DEMO REEL DANCING Contact Me Phone: US +1-310-739-0798 MX: +52-55-4797-7259 Mail: Let's create stories SEND Thanks for your message! Up

  • REELS | Daniela Lugo

    Mi portafolio Bienvenido a mi portafolio. Aquí encontrarás una selección de mis trabajos. Explora mis proyectos para saber más sobre lo que hago.

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